Choosing The Right Cancer Clinic

Choosing a clinic is a lot like choosing a spouse. You want a clinic that is caring, loyal, trustworthy, smart, attractive and successful. You need to feel a ‘connection’ in order to put your trust and your life in a medical team.

When a patient is seeking natural cancer treatment, they have a world of options. There are hundreds of websites touting everything from radio wave hyperthermia to stem cells to cancer vaccines. There are small private clinics and there are large modern hospitals. When you are faced with a life-threatening disease, the stress of finding the right treatment center can be just overwhelming.

When a patient calls us, we will ask many questions about the diagnosis, what has been done so far, and where they have been treated. We want to know about cancer diets they are following, family support, what type of facility would make them feel comfortable. After 20 years in this field, we have learned what things are important to a patients comfort and successful treatment.

Alternative cancer treatment usually consists of a 2 – 6 week inpatient stay, with a home program to follow. Some patients feel more comfortable in a large modern hospital similar to what they are used to. Some patients want to get as far away from the hospital feeling as possible. Some want to be in-patient, some prefer to be an out patient. Some patients want low-dose chemotherapy, and some want absolutely only natural cancer treatments.

Some patients want to go to Germany, which is famous for its alternative cancer clinics. Some are too sick to travel so far away, and would rather just cross the border in San Diego and take advantage of all the excellent Mexican cancer clinics in Baja.

Once we determine the patient’s current state of health and learn their preferences, we can narrow the choices down for them. We know which clinics offer the most successful treatments for the specific diagnosis, and we can discuss the facility, the medical team, prices and outcomes. We work with many clinics, so we can offer objective advice to help patients make the right decision. Often, we recommend that the patient talk with 2 or 3 different clinics to see how they relate to the physicians and how they feel about the treatment recommendations. A patient must be comfortable with the doctor and the treatment plans if they are going to trust their health to a particular clinic.

It’s good to have experienced support. We provide our service free of charge to patients looking for the right cancer hospital in Mexico. We welcome your questions. Call us today!

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