Organic Coffee Enemas

Organic coffee enemas are prescribed at many holistic clinics.  They are simple to do at home.  

Use only organic coffee (not decaf).  Make a pot of coffee – two tablespoons to 8 cups of water.  Let the coffee cool to comfortable warmth.  Put a towel in the bathtub, and hook the enema bag over the faucet.  Pour half the coffee into the enema bag.  Position yourself on the towel, and insert the enema nozzle. 

The goal is to lie on your right side for 10 minutes, then your left side for 10 minutes.  When you are ready, keep the nozzle in, sit on the toilet, and release.  This cleans out the lower bowel.   As soon as you finish on the toilet, pour the rest of the coffee into the enema bag and get back in the tub.  Do the whole thing all over again.  The second time, the caffeine will be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.  As it makes its way to the liver, it causes the liver to contract, and that will eliminate toxins (the liver is where we store lots of garbage, including residue from medications, alcohol, chemotherapy, etc.)


 The first time you try this, you may only be able to hold the coffee for a minute or so.  It takes a few times to relax and get the hang of it.  Patients say they feel terrific and energized after a coffee enema.


  • ALWAYS take a high quality multi-mineral supplement on the day you do an enema.  Coffee enemas leach the minerals out of your body and can make you feel very weak.  Liquid multi-mineral formulas are best.  They may be found in the refrigerated section at your local health food store.
  • If you are not a coffee drinker, do the enema in the morning.  If you do it late in the day, you will get a caffeine buzz and not be able to sleep.
  • Do coffee enemas three times a week for a good cleanse, and then only once a week after that, unless directed to do more often by a physician.  Patients on chemotherapy may be advised to do more, but only do additional enemas on your physician’s advice.

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