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Do Statins Cause Cancer?

•   Learn more about Dr. Kumar’s Innovative approach to midlife

•   This book is packed with information about what happens to your body in midlife and how to care for yourself during the second half of your life.

•   Understand how the body changes in midlife and how to evoke health and empowerment during this time of life and beyond.

•   How can women move through peri-menopause and menopause safely and naturally?

•   Learn about Dr. Kumar’s innovative method of using bio-identical hormones replacement for maximal benefit with minimal risk.

•   Learn about Dr. Kumar’s midlife investment recommendations for man and woman, including medical hair restoration hair transplant, Myers Cocktail, Mommy Makeover or other Plastic Surgery and P-shot Therapy.

•   Also, learn about Dr. Kumar’s pioneering Four Body System™ framework for integrative diagnosis and treatment and her vision for transforming health care.

•   Join the 1 billion midlife women and men who are seeking a way to experience the second half of their lives with health and meaning.

Hardcopy and Kindle version available through Amazon

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