Angeles Functional Oncology

The Functional Oncology center is based at Angeles Hospital, an award-winning chain of 28 hospitals and is considered the largest private medical group in Latin America.

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IPT Center

Dr. Donato Pérez García received years of training in Insulin Potentiation Therapy from his father and is the recipient of a collective eighty-five years of experience in IPT treatment and the most experienced IPT medical doctor in the world, he heralds over 46,000 treatments and has been in practice as an IPTLD physician for more than 30 years.

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Integrative Whole Health Clinic

Integrative Whole Health Clinic offers an integrative program that includes EDTA chelation therapy, biological dentistry, whole body hyperthermia, laetrile and Vitamin C IV therapy, extracorporeal photopheresis and ultraviolet blood drips.

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International Biocare Hospital

For over 25 years, BioCare Hospital has been serving patients from around the globe. Their state of the art diagnostics and aggressive natural treatments have helped thousands of patients.

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Stella Maris Clinic

Located in downtown Tijuana, Stella Maris is led by Dr. Gilberto Alvarez, who is a licensed medical doctor in both Mexico and the United States.
His 28 years of experience include working with Dr. Ernesto Contreras, being the Medical Director of the Manner Clinic and since 1993, Medical Director of Stella Maris Clinic.

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