Angeles Functional Oncology


The Functional Oncology center is based at Angeles Hospital, an award-winning chain of 28 hospitals and is considered the largest private medical group in Latin America.

The Tijuana hospital treats about 2,000 US citizens each year. 

They are known for their outstanding departments offering orthopedics, bariatrics, organ transplants, stem cells, cardiovascular and cosmetic, dental and vision surgeries. 

Dr. Ariel Perez

Treatments often run only 10% to 30% of the cost for the same procedures in the USA. 

The Functional Oncology department is headed by Dr. Ariel Perez, who has developed integrative oncology programs for many hospitals. He specializes in Immune therapy, orthomolecular medicine, cellular nutrition, hyperthermia, bioenergetics and integrative cancer care. 

Angeles Heath International Exterior

Functional Oncology offers non –toxic scientifically proven aggressive natural therapies. 

The medical team, which includes a functional medicine practitioner, clinical nutritionist, Internist, Hematologist, biological dentist and spiritual psychologist, work with the patient to develop a treatment program that incorporates the patient's needs and the best treatments for their particular case. In addition to systemic perfusion hyperthermia, they offer systemic ozone, the latest in Autologous cellular immunotherapy (dendritic cell vaccines, NK cells), IV programs, clinical nutrition, T-cell modulating therapy and detoxification. 

A typical stay is 3 weeks with a two month supply of T cells to take home and 3 years of follow up. Angeles offers both in- and out-patient programs.

Angeles Heath International CafeteriaBecause this is a conventional hospital that has dedicated a whole floor to holistic treatments, they are well prepared to handle any emergencies, or complications, something smaller clinics can't always do. 

This hospital strives to make your visit a first class experience. 

Located in the posh Rio district of Tijuana, the hospital is about 15 minutes from the San Diego airport. 

The modern facility is close to shopping malls and fine restaurants as well as typical American fare - yes, there is a Starbucks on the corner. 


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