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For over 25 years, BioCare Hospital has been serving patients from around the globe. Their state of the art diagnostics and aggressive natural treatments have helped thousands of patients.

Led by Rodrigo Rodriquez, M.D., this medical team is known for their kind and compassionate care.

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Because every patient is different, the BioCare doctors develop treatment programs to compliment the patient’s individual biochemistry.

Protocols incudes diet and detox, balancing the neuro-endocrine (hormone) systems, regulation and restoration of the immune defense system and an all-out attack on cancer. Treatment also includes biological dentistry and counseling to deal with the emotional aspects of cancer.

Therapies include nutritional medicines, detoxification, autologous stem cells, laetrile, EDTA chelation, acupuncture and acupressure, bio-energetic medicines, ultraviolet blood irradiation, dendritic cell vaccines, oxygen/ozone and whole body hyperthermia.

BioCare is an inpatient facility with patient and treatment rooms, organic meals, an intensive care unit, operating suite, on-site lab and they have a wing with suites for the families of patients.

There is WiFi, US television, organic food and laundry. Patients go for 3 weeks of treatment and sometimes return for booster programs.

BioCare has been successfully treating patients for almost 3 decades, and they have an excellent reputation.

Once we receive your records, you will hear from the doctor here within 24 hours.

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Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD Dr. Rodriguez is the medical director and co-founder of the International BioCare Hospital and Medical Center. He is an internationally acclaimed and well respected physician with a successful academic career and many research papers and symposia and conferences in his curriculum.

With post-graduate studies in the United States, Canada and Germany, he has researched, implemented and pioneered modalities that are now becoming standard therapies.

Dr. Rodriguez is a well recognized expert in the world of integrative medicine and has devoted the last 30 years to bringing together advanced and high-tech medical achievements. Dr. Rodriguez and his staff are known for their warmth and compassion.

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