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    If you are looking for German protocols, immunotherapies and world class treatments in an international setting, then Verita Life Mexico is a great option.

    Verita Life is the only clinic in Mexico with specialist cancer treatment centers on 3 continents, they have international experience, protocols and medical equipment to deliver truly comprehensive treatments including a brand-new Local Hyperthermia device from Germany.

    Using protocols developed and improved by a German Medical Director over 18 years, Verita Life is already one of the leaders in alternative, complementary cancer care.

    Dr Jose Henriquez and Dr Jorge Cardenas, their Medical Director and Senior Doctor, each have 30 years experience in treating Cancer. As well as have been trained in Verita Life protocols, they bring invaluable experience and understanding of a patient’s medical and non-medical needs.

    Integrative Whole Health ClinicDr. Jose A. Henriquez - Medical Director Verita Life Mexico

    Throughout 23 years of professional practice in treating cancer Doctor Henriquez has handled over 1100 cases and earned international recognition in this field. Moreover, he has also made contributions to the medical field including being a featured speaker at the 12th Annual Convention of the Cancer Control Society held in California, and also through various publication work.

    Verita Life also offers phenomenal customer service and patient experience. Successful treatment goes beyond the medical experience and every patient is treated in a comfortable and stylish clinic.

    Let us know if you would like us to help you set up a phone consultation so you may speak with one of their knowledgeable and friendly coordinators today. Doctor consultations are available without charge once medical records have been evaluated. 

     If you are looking for a treatment center that offers individual attention and a comfortable, home-like atmosphere, this should be your clinic of choice.  

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    Integrative Whole Health Clinic


    Integrative Whole Health Clinic



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