Q and A

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Q - I know you work with clinics in both Germany and Mexico. How do you decide which ones are best for me? – Lydia G., Rochester NY 

A - Great question, Lydia. Since we've been working with cancer patients for over two decades, you can imagine how much feedback we receive. When a patient returns from a clinic, we ask about everything – the food, cleanliness of the rooms, was the staff friendly and helpful, results of their latest medical tests, were there any problems, would they recommend this clinic, etc.

We also keep track of changes – if a new doctor takes over a clinic, the protocols, success rates and philosophy of the clinic may change. Sometimes a doctor brings in a new medicine or changes the protocols, and the success rate will either suffer or improve.

We monitor clinic costs. If we hear that patients are quoted one cost and then when they get to a clinic there are additional charges, we know they are price gouging and we will remove them from our list of recommended clinics.

Over the years, we have observed that some clinics have excellent success with one type of cancer and not much success with other types. Some are great with newly diagnosed cases but not with advanced cancer. Some won't take patients that have had chemotherapy. Some will not admit patients with liver involvement. There are many criteria we monitor so that when you call us, we can let you know which clinics may be best for you and your diagnosis. 

Q - Do the doctors and nurses in these clinics speak English or will I need a translator? Emily R., Johnson City, TN

A- Yes, the majority of medical staff speak excellent English. You will not need a translator. 

Q - Can you describe the average patient that goes to these clinics? Blake C., Indianapolis, IN

A- The average patient is stage 4, and has had all the chemo and radiation possible, and they've been told to get their affairs in order. Conventional medicine has failed them, and they are looking for new hope. Many of these patients recover completely and others live much longer than their conventional doctors predicted, and they have good quality of life and no side effects from the treatments. 

Q - I tried to get into a clinic in Germany, but they did not accept me. Why wouldn't they help me? Glenda, Lake Arrowhead, CA

A – Other than a website, most clinics do not advertise. They rely on their reputation for success. As a rule, if a clinic cannot help you, they will not accept you. It would be a waste of your time and money, and would hurt their reputation. If you are accepted by a clinic we recommend, you can feel confident that you will have a good outcome. Remember, there are some clinics who take anyone with the price of admission. Patients all get the same treatments, and you feel like you are on an assembly line. We would never recommend this type of clinic. Please call us, and we'll be happy to help you find the right clinic.

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