Hi Marla and Hanna,


I just got my new scan done and am so happy to report that everything is clean!


The tumor in my breast is completely gone. I feel so much better - I'm sure all the detox at Bioqvimia was a big help, as well as all the tretments. Dr. Gracia and her staff were so kind to me, and my husband and I really appreciated the natural snack baskets they sent with us to take back to the hotel each night, and the transportaiton they provided so we could go to the beach and shopping when we were not in treatment.


I am sending a copy of the scan report to Dr. Garcia, and we both want to thank all of you for helping us though this rought time in our lives. We really counted on you I know we probably drove you crazy with all our our questions. Your staff was always there for us. Thank you so much!


Janice S., Boulder, CO