Hi Marla,

I don't know if you'll remember me – I called you last March when I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. My prognosis was not good, and the only thing the doctors offered was chemotherapy to shrink the tumors. They could not operate. You put me in touch with Dr. Perez, and he explained how his treatments could help me. In April, I went there for treatment.

They did photo-pheresis, where they infuse the blood with oxygen. As the oxygen filled blood circulated through my kidneys, it killed the cancer cells. Of course they did many other therapies too, like the dendritic cell vaccine you had explained to me. I remember when you told me about those treatments they sounded too good to be true. But I wanted to live and I knew this was my best chance of recovery.

It's been a little over a year now since my trip to Mexico, and I feel great. I am sticking to the anti-cancer diet and continue to detox and take the supplements they recommended I buy at home.
I was just thinking about you today and that conversation that gave me so much hope. Bless you for the work that you do!

Betty R., Charleston, SC