For years, patients have been going to
Baja California, Mexico for natural cancer treatments.

Just Diagnosed? Don’t Want Chemotherapy/Radiation?
Mexican Cancer Clinics has been Helping Cancer Patients Become Cancer Survivors

Mexican Cancer Clinic helps patients by offering comprehensive information on treatment options and centers to patients seeking non-conventional therapies at cancer clinics in Mexico. We’ve been helping cancer patients for over 20 years navigate the path of alternative non-traditional cancer treatments.

How We Help You:

● Empower you with information about the different cancer clinics in Mexico that offer the right alternative cancer treatments for you.
● Match you with a center that has the best success with your specific condition.
● Assist you in setting up a free phone consultation with the medical director of the clinic you are matched with.
● Provide you with a detailed explanation of the treatment plan the center recommends.
● Organize and Manage your admission to the center.
● Services that are FREE of charge.
● Availability throughout the day with prompt responses to inquiries within 1 hour.
● Unbiased information you can trust (we do not partner with or work for any hospitals).

We know what it’s like to be told by your doctor that there’s nothing else conventional treatments can do. Our founder Marla Manhart is a cancer survivor herself and was in the same position as you, but chose to take control of her treatment with alternative cancer treatments at a cancer clinic in Mexico. And, we’ve seen thousands of patients do the same who’ve become cancer survivors too.

Let us help you take control of your treatment plan and take back your life. We’ll help you understand the many alternative therapy options available and find the right center for your cancer treatment. Don’t waste precious time. Contact us today for a consultation. We’re here to help

Our patient advocates will be your partner on your journey back to health. Call us today!
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9:00 am – 5:00 pm Pacific Time
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T-cell Modulating Therapy
Its main work relies as an adjuvant and stimulant in the immune response of the cancer patient. Although its name is specific for a single cell type, the T cells, their function is broad and impacts on the multiple activities of these cells.

Cellular Therapy
Also known as immunotherapy, autologous cellular therapy, or anti-cancer vaccines, cellular therapy is an accepted form of treatment, even mentioned in medical journals. Within oncology, Immunotherapy is known as a group of drugs called monoclonal antibodies, which act through the immune system to attack malignant cells.

The most common type of hyperthermia the body experiments is fever. Fever is one of the body’s defense mechanisms, this can be activated by external factors such as infections, intoxications, excessive sun exposure, as well as internal factors such as chronic disease, leukemias and lymphomas to name a few.

Insulin potentiated therapy IPT
Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) has been in existence as a therapy since 1930 and has been used successfully as a cancer treatment since 1946. Insulin Potentiation Therapy was initially developed by my grandfather, Donato Pérez García, Sr. M.D.

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